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Tandoori Foods

Tandoori Nas

Price : ¥ 700

Nas cooked in deep heat at Tanddor

Tandoori Chicken

Price : ¥ 700

Charcoal grilled chicken with bone soaked in spicy yoghurt sauce

Chicken Tikka

Price : ¥ 800

Immerse chicken without bone in spicy yoghurt sauce and charcoal grill

Sheek Kabab

Price : ¥ 800

Grind spices into ground minced meat and charcoal grilled with tandoor kiln

Chicken Malai Tikka

Price : ¥ 9850

Chicken Malai Tikka

Tandoori Afgani Chicken

Price : ¥ 800

Chicken is soaked in yoghurt sauce seasoned with salt, black pepper, garlic, etc. Charcoal grill

Butter Nan

Price : ¥ 250

Butter Naan bread is made from basic bread ingredients like wheat flour, yeast, salt, with butter.

Nan and Bread

Garlic Nan

Price : ¥ 400

Scents of garlic shredded appetizing Indian bread

Sesami Nan

Price : ¥ 400

Indian bread baked with plenty of sesame

Chese Nan

Price : ¥ 500

Bread of Indian with crispy chestnut and full of cheese

Saino Special Nan

Price : ¥ 600

Nan recommended from Owner of shop

Fried Nan

Price : ¥ 400

Fried Nan