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Soup and Salad

Green Salad

Price : ¥ 500

A base of vegetables, fruits, or grains sometimes mixed with a sauce and lightely spray over spices

Tomato Egg salad

Price : ¥ 500

Salad topped with egg on tomato

Sainao Special Salad

Price : ¥ 600

Mix of green syobeens, sea food, tandoori chicken etc


Price : ¥ 500

Raita is a condiment from the Indian subcontinent, notably in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, made w

Mulako Achar

Price : ¥ 450

Nepalese style Japanese radish pickles

Chicken Chana Chat

Price : ¥ 550

Salad flavored with chicken and chick peas with lemon, spice

Aluka Achar

Price : ¥ 450

Pickled potatoes

Tomato Soup

Price : ¥ 450

Rich of fresh tomato soup

Mushroom Soup

Price : ¥ 450

Soup cooked with fresh mushroom

Chicken Clear Soup

Price : ¥ 450

Delicious soup cooked with chicken meet flavor.

Corn Soup

Price : ¥ 450

Sweet Cron Soup

Vegetable Pakoda

Price : ¥ 600

"Pakoras are created by taking one or two ingredients, such as onion, eggplant, potato, spinach, pla

Snacks Items

Japanese Pickles

Price : ¥ 450

Strater in Japanese style


Price : ¥ 600

Momo is Tibetan origin and since then has spread to other neighboring countries like Nepal, China, J


Price : ¥ 350

Boild beens suitable for wine or beer

Papad 3p

Price : ¥ 300

Papad is a thin, crisp disc-shaped Indian food typically based on a seasoned dough made from black g

Samosa 2p

Price : ¥ 500

A samosa is distinctly triangular or tetrahedral in shape fried or baked dish with a savoury filling

Masala Potato

Price : ¥ 400

Spicy potato fried

Fish Finger

Price : ¥ 750

Fried fish as finger size

Golden Fry Prawn

Price : ¥ 1000

Fried Prawn in golden color

Fish and Chips

Price : ¥ 1000

Fried fish served with french fry