Welcome to Saino

Welcome to Saino,

Indian Restaurant Saino is located in the heart of famous historical street Kagurazaka near Iidabashi Startion. This restaurant has been running since 17 years in this area. All staffs are in this restaruant from India. We heartly like to welcome you in our restaurant. We will serve your homdland taste in Japan. 

Bhanu Kandel, the owner of Saino Indian restaurant at the heart of Kagurazaka Street of Tokyo has more than 20 years of experience on cooking and serving Indian recipes. He started his cooking career from Mumbai during his 20 years of age. He has cooked south Indian recipes in Goa and north Indian recipes in Delhi.
In year 2001 he came to Japan and establishes his own business just 10 years back from the historical street Kagurazaka, Tokyo.
His aim of cooking business is to serve hygienic and delicious food so he can see awesome smiley and happy faces of his guest.



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Indian continent have large numbers of recipes. We are selecting dishes those were preferred by ancient royal families some 500 years ago. !

The taste of foods is based on the spices we used in curries. We are using natural and organic spices those are farming in south Asian countries and imported to Japan. 

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